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Some of them have minimum literacy skills, some children are still out of school and some are irregularly attending the school. The countries with the lowest literacy rate are Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Africa as a continent has a literacy rate of less than 60 percent.

Literacy — Foundation of Success It is proved today that economic success everywhere is based on educational success. The theme of the year and was the Literacy and Empowerment of women whereas the theme of and celebration was the Literacy and Peace. This concept of Education for all had global reception and even the World Bank deeply appreciated this programme.

Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies, now celebrations take place all around the world.

And literacy is the basic building block of education. Politically, or socially without a sound base of educated women. On this International Literacy Day, let us recall that literacy for all is an integral part of education for all, and that both are critical for achieving truly sustainable development for all.

In Sub- Saharan Africa sinceprimary school enrollment has declined, going down from 58 percent to 50 percent. The theme of year and celebration was the Literacy and Health strong attention over the epidemics to prevent people from the communicable diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, cholera and Malaria.

We want to provide only such education as would enable to student to World literacy day essay more.

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In the least developed countries, it is 45 percent. Female literacy 43 per cent was 26 percentage points below the male literacy 69 percent. The United Nations Literacy Decade aims to extend the use of literacy to those who do not currently have access to it. Such a mind is, of courseone that can only be developed an shaped by literacy.

The countries with low literacy rate are economically failed and their progress rate is very slow. International Literacy Day is an occasion to give hope to the millions of women, men and children who cannot read or write even their own names.

International Literacy Day Themes International Literacy Day celebration takes place on a specific theme of the year in order to make it effective by executing some strategic plan to resolve the problems related to the illiteracy all over the world in many countries.

If the real sense of education could be realized by reach individualand carried forward in every field World literacy day essay human activity, the world will be a better place to live on.

The Conference recommended that 8 September, the date of the inauguration of the Conference, be proclaimed International Literacy Day and be observed worldwide. Education not only provides scientific and technical skills, it also provides the applying them.

Over million adults are in that position, and over million children are not in school and therefore not gaining access to literacy either. It is not just an end in itself: It is celebrated to encourage the people towards getting continuous education and understand their responsibilities for the family, society and the country.

Governments force people to get necessary education and send their children to school. International Literacy Day Celebration According to the global monitoring report over education it is noted that one among the five man and two third women is illiterate.

Literacy shapes the life of human beings as well as builds up their cultural identity. In all developing countries, the percentage of children aged not attending school is 15 percent. It emphasizes that literacy is not only a positive outcome of development processes but also a lever of change and an instrument for achieving further social progress.

Under the banner of literacy for all: It is too necessary to eradicate the poverty, lowering the child mortality, controlling the population growth, attaining the gender equality and etc.

Why International Literacy Day is celebrated Celebrating the International Literacy Day is to promote the human attention towards the literacy and know their rights for social and human development. Adult literacy in Kerala in nearly per cent, compared to the Indian average of 52 per cent.

Literacy programs are also organized on school and college basis, where the students present speeches and models to demonstrate the value of literacy. Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self- respect. Illiteracy is a self — imposed handicap in a race we have no choice but to run.

Literacy for everyone, no one left behind International Literacy Day Slogans 1. This was decided in and from to onwards, this day is celebrated each year on 8th September.

Parents have an important role in the development of children but if the parents are illiterate, they are not able to cope with the needs of new century, so their children can be suffered. Building the capacity for such future oriented thinking is a key task of education. The assistance under the programme of SSA was on an As well as to more active participation of the poor in the democratic process.Although the countries may differ in the type of literacy day activities but they all celebrate to emphasize and spread awareness of the importance of education and literacy in the world.

Importance Of Literacy Day. Almost million people are illiterate all over the world and one in every adult is illiterate in the world. -Nation Center for Education Statistics- The Arab Republic of Egypt, which is a country located in the North of Africa, one of the most populous countries in Africa and the 15th most populated in the world, with over 84 million people (CIA est.

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day Essay: Literacy means “ability to read and write”, the act of being educated. Literacy is an essential need of development.

Literacy is an essential need of development. The International Literacy Day was decided by the UNESCO at 7 th of November in the year to celebrate it at 8 th of September every year which was celebrated first time in the year It was started celebrating all over the world to emphasize the great importance of the literacy to the individuals, society and communities.

8 September was declared international literacy day by UNESCO on 26 October at 14th session of UNESCO's General conference. It was celebrated for the first time in Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

Celebrations take place in several countries. Essay on “International Literacy Day – 8 September ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

World literacy day essay
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