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And when students actually compute, they often rely on calculators rather than pencil and paper. As much as South Park needs dollars and cents, the neighborhood also needs to empower young people to make a difference, Martinez said. Seattle has hired a new superintendent. For the millions of high-school juniors and seniors who will ultimately take the test, as well as the thousands of U.

Other Seattle neighborhoods, like the Central District and Rainier Beach, are also hot spots for gunshots. Most scorers end up within a point of each other on most essays. Teens rely on the bus to reach jobs and activities elsewhere, and only two routes pass through.

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After shootings, South Park teens plant seeds for a safer future

But you can see explicit instruction at work in three Seattle middle schools where the achievement gap is shrinking. An essay that compares humans to squirrels — if a squirrel told other squirrels about its food store, it would die, therefore secrecy is necessary for survival — merits a 5.

To illustrate her theme, the drama student provides only one example — her own acting experiences — rather than the traditional three. Eng and Mark Nowlin Photos: In an attempt to demystify the process, the College Board allowed a reporter to sit in on a pilot scoring session last week that is like the ones that will be used to train thousands of test scorers around the country.

Police have made arrests related to the South Donovan Street incidents, he said. Seventh graders at each of these schools have shown continued progress on the state test, sometimes surpassing citywide proficiency rates. This scenario has a grievous magnitude described by the unidentified caller and there is The seattle times essay suspect in custody of law enforcement.

The discussions at the range-finding sessions are designed to establish guidelines for dealing with the difficult-to-categorize essays, many of which will probably be kicked up to a supervisor. This is not like grading a school essay, in which points are deducted for uncapitalized letters or an insufficient number of paragraphs.

The panelists decide to tackle one final essay, which has received scores ranging from 2 seriously limited to 5 reasonably consistent mastery. Do this and watch the achievement gap shrink! Part of the problem is all the guns in society: Each essay will be scanned into computers and read by at least two scorers.

The center sawvisits last year and averaged 63 teens at its late-night program, up from 28 in The assumption of credibility is leant to this threat because over the past several weeks there have been a series of unsolved bombings.

There is some awkwardness here, but she moves fluently from topic to topic. With time running out, it was suggested that the suspect be tortured in order to get the captured man to disclose the location of the nuclear device.

After 30 years in the U. Esparza died in the hospital. At a time when mass shootings at schools are inspiring gun-safety activism, kids in neighborhoods like South Park have been living under threat. Durkan invited the Youth Corps to a town hall on gun violence in March.

Family photo The cousins were struggling when Esparza was killed — living without stable housing, he said. Scott Fitzgerald, you will be OK.

Before each of these prior bombings a similar phone call was reported. Then Seattle moved on. Bursts of passionate discussion are followed by the grading of the essays, with scores from 0, for a blank sheet of paper or an essay that has nothing to do with the topic, to 6.

Tell us how your on-the-ground experiences have informed your opinions. That night, an alleged Varrio Locos member was shot at in South Park. An essay that does little more than restate the question gets a 1. Scoring sessions The preparatory range-finding session is a cross between a debate among art critics on public television and the judging of an ice-skating competition.The Seattle Times is concerned about the future of their newspaper due to increasing power, influence, and vertical integration by media conglomerates, and the rising popularity of alternative information sources.

We prepared our digital strategy based off of elements from three sources that can easily be integrated into the newspaper’s.

The Seattle Times publishes its first edition edited by new co-owner Alden J. Blethen on August 10, By Walt Crowley; Posted 8/10/; Essay Submit a Guest Essay We welcome submission of guest essays for The Seattle Times’ Under Our Skin project. We are interested in essays with thoughtful reactions to and respectful critiques of the project.

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Join the discussion. And there’s lots of proof that it works beyond middle school. In recent years, Seattle Times articles on efforts to close the achievement gap have featured Gildo Rey Elementary in Auburn and Foster High in Tukwila.

Both schools have racially diverse student populations, and both have been using explicit instruction to increase math achievement.

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