The causes and consequences of racism

Mormonism is not far behind either.

Another Consequence Of Everyday Racism: Daily Disappointment

However, the contempt for a different racial group, as it is now known, did not take its final form until the Age of DiscoveryThat is to say from the sixteenth century.

Racism is devastating to a country and its culture. Of the characteristics present in racism, what stands out most is the absolute aversion to a specific race that is seen as harmful or alien to the interests of the discriminator. With sodas in hand, I got in line to check out.

More than a set of laws, it was a way of life that kept people of color from exercising their rights as full citizens. And, it is often a curse, leaving me open to constant disappointment.

It is simply assumed that there are"superior"and"inferior"races, accepting no further explanation than those given by a given doctrine. Many times we, as societies and individuals, think that racism will dissipate on its own; so, we ignore it, repeatedly.

Genocide "Racial cleansing"has been perpetrated in massacres such as those Holocaustthe Nanking Massacre and the Genocide of Rwanda. The cost of ignorance and abuse is way too high; and Americans simply cannot afford the bill anymore. This happens a lot with the ethnicity of the Dogones In Mali, who by oral tradition fervently believe that a child born white is a manifestation of evil spirits, and therefore must die.

It focuses, therefore, on racism that uses popular culture. There is ample historiographical documentation in which it can be demonstrated that racism is of very old data, reason why it is one of the oldest forms of discrimination that exist.

Alfred Rosenberg, mentioned above, suggested that Christianity should be erased from every aspect of Judaism or Semitic racial aspects, for Jesus Christ was Aryan, German, and therefore European.

We fail to develop socially, unable to get along with our fellow man. In other latitudes similar parameters were followed in which the dominated one was inferior being or, in his defect, a citizen of second that did not have access to the rights of the citizens.

That represents a lot of used up mental and emotional energyon top of all of the other stressors everyone experiences regardless of race, as well as those disproportionately faced by people of color e.

With her purse on the counter, partially open, I rested my hand close to it, trying harder to make her uncomfortable. In a relevant example, white supremacy in America extends over centuries, and even the abolition of slavery could not end racism.

Therefore, this concept is discarded and overcome, without any validity in the science of today. The person who cut in line did not check out with her.

In his sacred book, it is stated that God stipulates that good men are white, whereas bad ones are blacks, which are the fruit of divine punishment. We become increasingly ethnocentric.

What Are the Effects of Racism?

Ideological It is based on ideological precepts raised with philosophy. And, my own constrained actions disappointed me. My optimism is a gift. The dominant group was often the white race, at least as far as racial discrimination perpetrated in the Western world was concerned.

When the seeds of hatred and ethnocentrism are planted and fostered in society, it negatively affects every area of life.

Racism and Its Effect on Society

Parents have a significant effect on what their child believes and what they think. No matter how hard a society might try to separate classes or races, the bottom line is that, eventually, we will, at least on some occasions, share the same space.

Contact Author Throughout world history, governments have violated and ignored the human and civil rights of their citizens.

Racism: History, Causes, Features and Consequences

Division and social inequality The most practical example is the caste system imposed by the Spanish Crown in its American dominions, in which the superior castes had better socioeconomic conditions than the inferior castes.

Rather, racism is understood as universally and perpetually relevant, shaping the core of every aspect of social life. For a white supremacist, a Negro is an inferior being regardless of whether he is a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Republican, or a Democrat.

The process to disarm racism has been slow, but fruitful. By Delilah Conroy Posted on March 07, He racism Is the act in which one person discriminates to another by its color of skin and by all the morphologic traits that are linked to him.

Peoples like the Latin Americans have made epic efforts to reduce racism to its minimum expression.

Where does racism happen?

In the United States there was a very similar regime in which there could not even be interracial marriages. These characteristics associated with the morphology can be as simple as the shape of the nose, the height, the shape of the head and even the color of the eyes.

Share your opinion What method is most effective in reducing racism and discrimination? Some attempts to end racism There are also numerous forces that were completely opposed to racism and the abuses committed in their name. So, despite the crappy things that I may experience, witness, or read or hear about today, I will sleep tonight and wake tomorrow with replenished hope for peace and justice.dence, empirical or otherwise, exists regarding the negative consequences of racism for White Americans.

The lack of attention given to understand-ing how racism affects the lives of White Americans is due to the com- Racism. Causes and Consequences of Racial Prejudice. Transcript of What is the cause of continued discrimination and racism? Discrimination and racism exist for several reasons which its effects are serious such as depression, suicide and exclusion from the society with various consequences.

We are not sure of the exact cause of racism. There are many reasons. Social scientists speculate about the causes. A few things that may contribute to racism and racially motivated violence appear below. Racism: Cause, consequences and solutions. Overview: Definition: Racism: The belief that people's qualities are influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as the members of your own, or the resulting unfair treatment of members of other races: racism has generated in society.

The importance of. Ponterotto, J G, Utsey, S O & Pedersen, P B'Causes and consequences of racial prejudice', in Preventing prejudice: a guide for counselors, educators, Part I: Prejudice and Racism: Prevalence and Consequences; Chapter 1:. The effects of racism include fear, hatred, low self-esteem, cruelty, harassment, social conflict and psychological pain.

The Library of Congress notes that racism can prevent access to social services and opportunities, such as education, health care and employment. Therefore, racism violates the.

The causes and consequences of racism
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