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The Proposed Reorganization Dean Santos proposed reorganization of the college which would reduce the six departments to three. Specialty plates are not available for motorcycles or trailers.

Com International Business in As a whole, the crest symbolizes a college that bears the name of Xavier and is run by the Jesuits, with the ideal of educating young men and women to aim high in life.

Dean Santos proposed to the Rector a reorganization of College which would reduce the existing number of departments from 6 to 3. To gain practical understanding of subjects relevant to commerce and industry. Santos assumed the position of Dean of the College of Commerce following the retirement of the incumbent who previously occupied the position of Vice Dean for Administration, was eager to improve further the enrolment of the college.

The prospective plan for institutional development is done after consecutive meetings with the Academic Council, St francis college of commerce, and the heads of the departments. Is the proposed of departmental reorganization for the college of commerce should be push thru or not?

Santos, who previously occupied the position of Vice Dean for Administration, was eager to improve further the enrollment of the college. Since more students would qualify to be enrolled in some courses, there will be a rise in the population.

St. Francis College of Commerce

More rooms were added to the hostel together with a tower. The department heads are against proposal. Various committees of staff and students take responsibility for the different activities of the college. All Commerce courses are in great demand and have good placements. Religious affiliation and ethos[ edit ] Francis Xavierafter whom the college is named The college is Roman Catholic and the Society of Jesus exercises responsibility over it through a Governing Body whose chairman is the Provincial of the Bombay Province of the Society.

College of Business & Health Administration

Lowering the standards may increase the number of enrolees. The Latin motto Provocans Ad Volandum, "Provoked to Fly", is central to the ethos of the college and comes from the Bible, which mentions how the eagle encourages its young to fly Dt The college takes measures to upgrade the skills of non-teaching staff by conducting workshops and training programmes during vacations, and by conducting sessions on personality enhancement and financial management.

The number of lay professors increased following the withdrawal of the German Jesuits. In the June and June issues, Xavier has been rated the best arts college and the second best science and commerce college in the country. The college first admitted women in Sc Finance was introduced in the year Fewer departments would mean decrease also in the allotted budget per department.

St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

This will let the departments feel more alive having a big support group. Ignatius of Loyola [24] Crest and motto[ edit ] The crest was designed by Fr. Science departments such as Chemistry and Biology came to be established. All attendees will receive tickets to the football game against Duquesne University.

Because of the monthly savings, the university may not increase its tuition fee to sustain its expenses. The Dean Dean Santos was eager to improve further the enrolment of the college and believed that gains in enrolment can be continued through combination of curricular improvements and administrative changes.

The department of Commerce was instituted in the year with a single course in B. The university had a total enrollment of about 26, at both the graduate and the undergraduate levels. It shows an eagle teaching its young to fly.

The college of commerce had experience one of the more rapid growth in enrollment in the University during the past ten years. The faculty will be able to cross fertilize each other. The two students came from a group of six, who appeared for the University matriculation examination in from St.

Francis University was a medium-sized private University, located in a major port city in Visayas. This will be a venue for the faculty to handle courses and subjects that may not be of their discipline that might also enhance them in one way or another.

Lord teach me how to serve, Gladly as you deserve, To give and not to count the cost, to fight not heeding pain, May I give of my best, may I not seek for rest, and ask for no reward save that, I know I do your will. The College of Commerce had experience one of the more rapid growth in enrolment in the University during the past ten years.

It prepares the budget and financial statements, recommends creation of new posts, recommends measures for academic and administrative improvement, and undertakes many other vital decision-making activities. Bachelor of Commerce B. The extension of the East-West science wing was completed in and opened by Leslie Orme WilsonGovernor of Bombay —on 26 Januaryat an outlay of Rs.The College of Commerce Department – a major unit of the university but was a far second in enrolment with 3, students.

– distributed among four major fields: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management. – had 55 full time faculty and over lecturers.

St. Francis is a medium sized private University with total enrolment of 26, students. The College of Commerce is a major unit of the University but was far second in enrolment with only 3, students compared to College of Engineering with more than a third of University’s enrolment.

Five St. Francis College Honors Program students presented their research at the end of the Spring semester, May 20,in a symposium celebrating the academic rigor and independent motivation of the brightest and most committed students at the College. From Accounting, Communication Arts to Psychology and Nursing, St.

Francis College offers an extensive, well-rounded comprehensive and liberal arts education. & World Report ranks SFC as one of the Best Regional Colleges in the North. SFU Alumni Directory Project. Every five years, the Saint Francis University Alumni Association produces a directory of alumni.

Case Analysis on St. Francis College of Commerce

Our directory project is now underway. We are partnering with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to publish the directory. The College of Commerce was distributed among the four major fields, namely: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Business Management.

In JuneMr. Santos assumed the position of Dean of the College of Commerce following the retirement of the incumbent.

St francis college of commerce
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