Short essay about music in my life

Music has miraculous powers for treating certain mental ailments such as anxiety, abnormal excitement or depression. Music has magical power. What a pretty sight is to the eyes, aroma is to the nose, delicious dish is to the palate and soft touch is to the skin, so music is to the ears.

Gymnastics for the training and development of the body, Mathematics for the training and development of brain, and Music for the realization of the soul. Similarly life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems.

Short Essay on Life Article shared by Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope Happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night are the two sides of the me coin.

Mythology as well as folk tales bears evidence to the fact that even animals respond with joy to the melodious vibrations of the harp. If he loses hope during difficult times, he would not achieve success and would be replaced by others.

It has excellent exhilarating power. There is no doubting the various powers of music, but the aspect of music which is of the greatest value to the human being is its emotional aspects.

For that reason I can say that music changed my life. The night of the concert I was wearing a such a cute little pink dress with a bow in the back, white shoes, and curly hair, and just like a normal child I felt that I was the most beautiful princess in the world.

It always gives and never takes without having any boundaries and guidelines to follow. Music has the power to dissolve the physical boundaries of the nations. The strong, steady beats, the entrancing melodies, and the lyrics that vary between heart-warming and heart wrenching have and have always had an unexplainable affect on my life.

I still remember that the weekend means all the Sundays in my family was fixed as a music day. Being inspired, I also started learning music and playing guitar and hope would be a good music player a day.

It has a soothing and healing power. Music is very important part of my life; I cannot think my life without music. Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life and inspires one to live a lofty life.

I listen spiritual music in every morning as my dad start music in my room at 5 am. May 30, By Nikhil Mehta Music is the pleasant sound vocal or instrumental that leads us to experience harmony and higher happiness.Music Is Life essays"I often think in music.

I live my daydreams in music.

Music: Essay on Importance of Music in Life

I see life in terms of music." Music is life. Without music, the world would be silent and dreary. Music enfolds you in a blanket of comfort, giving you inspiration in moments of.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC AND DANCE IN MY LIFE. When I am, for example, in a bar enjoying music, I don’t feel the urge to move my body. That’s why in this essay I will be focusing on music much more than on dance. I always have music playing around me. There are a lot of different kinds of music I listen to.

Music Essay 3 ( words) Music is the best option for everyone to be happy and busy in the life. In such a busy, crowded and corrupted world where everyone wants to hurt anybody anytime, music plays a great role in making us happy in our difficult time and give lots of relief to our mind.

Sample Short Essays. In short, I believe that my experiences in life, combined with a rigorous academic education, will enable me to pursue a successful career in the Saudi Foreign Service. Georgetown, Favorite class. SAMPLE SHORT ESSAY SET 2. Home Essays A Short Essay on Life.

A Short Essay on Life.

Short Essay on Life

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You may use secondary sources (if its so intensely relevant that you just. Music has absolutely been an enormous part of my life, and also who I am. I started ballet when I was two years old, at that moment it was something that my mom wanted me to do.

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Short essay about music in my life
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