Reproductive health law is it good or bad philippines essay

Should we even consider on legalizing it? Well if you are done reading it, now let us talk! Sex is Holy and be respected, when you educate people about it and with condoms…. Pro-RH gained the needed votes to pass the bill for second reading during the first round of voting.

We are so altruistic about giving out free condoms. For instance, because of the Public-Private Partnership paradigm that the current administration adapts, there is a danger that capitalists may invest on the contraceptives, thereby limiting public access especially for the poor.

The Negative Impact of Reproductive Health bill to the Filipinos Essay

In other words, the real challenge is the actuality of the RH Law. I am just an ordinary citizen of this country, without any legislative or executive power to implement what is best for my people.

Reproductive Health Bill Essay Sample

It is the choice still of the family yet they should think before they do it. Like my uncle, who works in the rice field, his children were his assistants in managing their source of income.

Is this the choice we want? More cramping Heavier periods Increased risk of pelvic infection Surgical Sterilization Possible Side Effects of Sterilization Some women may experience pain at the surgical site.

Reproductive Health Bill

We are so concerned about over population. It would be the second time in Philippine history that the government defied the Catholic Church since the Rizal Law which makes me feel happy that a government like President Aquino can stand up for the general good and welfare of the Filipino people.

On the other hand President Aquino and some members of Congress believe that the bill will promote sustainable human development in the country, it is needed to reduce high birthrates among the poor. We cannot say that people who have more children are poorer because for them, their children are the ones who will give them source of income.

The land ownership was still concentrated on the hands of the few elites. Both modes are contraceptive methods. The SC, votingdenied for lack of merit a motion filed by former Akbayan Rep.

Here, it is clearly stated that abortion is still illegal and punishable by law, yet the government because it is the guardian of our rights, ensure that all needing care for post-abortive complications and all other complications arising from pregnancy, labor and delivery and related issues shall be treated and counseled in a humane, nonjudgmental and compassionate manner in accordance with law and medical ethics.

Section 3 is the Guiding Principles for Implementation. Also under the bill, any person or public official who prohibits or restricts the delivery of legal and medically safe reproductive health care services will be punished according to the law.

Although there were times when he seems to be bowing to the pressure of the Catholic Church, his determination to deliver his election promises equaled with our vigilance to hold him accountable to his promises triumphed at the end of the day.

It was the first time in more than a decade that the RH Bill legislation has re-gained its infamous limelight. Hontiveros said that contrary to the arguments of the anti-RH petitioners, RA does not limit the free exercise of religion.

To further discuss these seven direct causes of poverty kindly read on:This paper will give an overview of the reproductive health bill in Philippines. It will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the health bill, difficulty in implementing the bill and ways to overcome difficulties in implementing the RH bill.

Title: The Necessity of Reproductive Health in the Philippines Thesis statement: Although the church believes that the RH Bill shouldn’t be implemented, I believe that the RH Bill would benefit the Philippines and give them the knowledge on reproductive health,abolish overpopulation inthe Philippines, and give people the freedom on how they want to deal with pregnancies.

Aug 14,  · Reproductive Health Bill: Good or Bad? August 14, People’s freedom to access contraceptives is not restricted by any opposing law, being available in family planning NGOs, stores, etc.

The Philippines is not a welfare state: taxpayer’s money should not be used for personal practices that are harmful and immoral; it can. Reproductive Health Law in the Philippines: A Conclusion to a Decade-long Crusade Finally inthe controversial Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) has been resurrected and made into a law after ten to fourteen years of being stuck in legislation.

Reproductive Health Bill Essay Sample.

Reproductive Health Law Essay

The Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access .informalyy known as the Reproductive Health Law, is a law here in the Philippines which gaurantees the universal access to methods on contraception, fertility .

Reproductive health law is it good or bad philippines essay
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