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Man and woman have been rightly compared to the wheels of the same carriage. Apart from teaching school children, women are now pilots, receptionists, police officers, doctors, engineers etc. But there is a dark side of the story as well.

They should not depend on any other help. There are certain spheres in which the women can perform their function easily and efficiently and so they can leave men free to do other tough jobs more usefully.

It is quite true that great man had great mothers. This does not mean that a woman should abandon her duties as a wife or mother. The village women are yet to see light to western freedom. The main responsibility of a woman is to preserve the human race.

Other than debates and discussions it is now an admitted fact that the role of women in progress and prosperity of a society cannot be ignored in any way. As a result it creates a lot of problems and crime for which this over-exposure is responsible.

Here women have been enjoying better position in society. She competes with boys and ever sphere of life. Discrimination on the basis of sex became a matter of the past.

Role of Women in Society English Essay with Quotation

But from the very beginning, there has been a big question mark on the status of women in our society. They are paid less than their male counterpart for the same work. They are victimized everywhere—home or workplace.

They are capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life. In fact, she has left man far behind in many fields. A sister has to depend upon his brother.

They should organize themselves to fight against their plight. She longs to have respectable status.Both share equal responsibility in the making of society and hence both are supplement to each other.

But from the very beginning, there has Words Essay on place of women in society (India). Apr 23,  · EssayThe Place of Women in Our Society or The Duties of Women The Place of Women in Our Society or The Duties of Women Women play a very vital role in human progress and have a significant place in the society.

Free sample essay on the Place of Women in Indian Society. Women constitute half of the population. Their position in society also decides the society. If women enjoy a place of pride in society, the society is sure to make progress in different spheres of life.

India is a developing country. Here women have been enjoying better position in society.

Essay on Role Of Women In Society

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You can use this essay on place of woman in society for free, as it will provide a good starting point for your writing. A Woman’s Place in Society.

Women are an integral part of society and should not be neglected or dismissed. Their role in our society – as well as men’s perception of them – has greatly changed over time.

Aug 27,  · The Place Of Women In Our Society Women have an important place in human society and they have to play a significant role in human progress.

As is assumed by certain narrow-minded people woman can in no' way be inferior to man.

Place of women in society essays
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