Ocr unit 22 level 3 teaching

However; frequently disputes emerge between families and public bodies as to the level of services and support given. They should then review policies and procedures of Ocr unit 22 level 3 teaching either their workplace or training centre understanding that schools, colleges, training centres all apply normal business practices to their activities and they are as relevant to learner development as any external opportunities.

Learners should discuss the requests and what they think the training needs are.

The learner will develop a clear understanding of how the IT support role sits within the organisation and the impact of organisational polices on IT support. Reasonable adjustments to help support their access on an equal footing to their non-disabled peers.

The presentation of evidence must include an explanation of the tools and techniques used to provide technical support. Local areas may seek to address needs using less formal arrangements than those prescribed by the law, for instance by applying the Common Assessment Framework which has no statutory basis rather than carrying out an initial or core assessment.

SOPs service level agreements e. Learners need to consider the currency of information they are providing and the level of language used in the various support materials they may need to produce.

This will be in the form of a management report showing the faults logged and resolved, steps taken and time implications. Be able to communicate advice and guidance The role of IT support is continually changing as new technologies come on board and the network setups evolve.

Enhanced skill acquisition and generalization 7. LO1 Understand the tools and techniques used for technical support IT support scenarios previous trends e. LO3 Be able to gather information to provide advice and guidance Sources users e. Learners should be aware of the strengths, weaknesses and reliability of various sources of information such as peers, manuals, magazines, diagnostic reports, websites etc.

A witness statement will also support this evidence. Learners with experience of this role in the work place should be encouraged to share their experiences with other learners.

A consequence of analysing a user request may be that user training is required. For merit criterion M2 which may be an extension of P2, the learners should also describe the role of service level agreements, when carrying out a technical support role.

The learner will develop a detailed understanding of the tools and techniques that are available to people working in an IT support role. It is also important that learners discuss a range of inter-personal skills to feedback to the user and these include considerate and polite behaviour, patience, etc.


A person may be considered disabled if he or she has a condition that affects the ability to function without assistance at a level needed to maintain well-being. This could be in the form of a report or table, and witness statements or user feedback could be used to support this.

These children often have complex needs, which they displayed in the unwanted behaviour at their mainstream school; which in turn has led to them been referred to our service.

Have their caring role taken away, if they are a young carer or if they are an adult carer who no longer feels able to continue caring. They should identify the method of communication and information being supplied.

Learners will develop the knowledge and skills which will enable them to analyse faults by considering all the factors that may be contributing to the fault. LO4 Be able to communicate advice and guidance methods of communication e. To achieve this, consideration will be given to the importance and methods of logging of problems and the documentation that is necessary to perform an audit trail of any particular problems.

They should then identify the frequency or likelihood of similar requests and the materials that would need to be developed to reduce requests. A learning difficulty assessment in their last year of school.

A role play activity could be used so that learners can experience collecting data from the user and the importance of ensuring that all the necessary data has been collected and a group discussion or comparison of documentation would identify gaps or information that would be useful for future analysis of data.

Ocr Unit 22 Level 3 Teaching Assistant Essay

Alternatively, the learner could provide copies of the communications they used such as or leaflet and make notes of any conversations they may have had. However, if as is too frequently the case disputes emerge between families and public bodies as to the level of services and support to In general terms, disabled children are entitled to have their needs assessed and a person-centred plan put in place to ensure these needs are met, if found to be sufficiently substantial by the assessment.

The learner is required to source technical information that would provide advice and guidance for a variety of faults.Unit 22 Scripting for media products D// Guided learning hours: 30 Version 2 September Suite Cambridge TECHNICALS LEVEL 3 DIGITAL MEDIA mint-body.com OCR does not stipulate the mode of delivery for the teaching of the content of this unit.

Centres are free to deliver this unit using any mode of delivery that meets the needs of Level 3 Unit 15 Support teaching and learning in a curriculum area Author: OCR Subject. cambridge technicals ocr level 3 cambridge technical certificate/diploma in business international business f// level 3 unit 22 guided learning hours: 60 unit credit value: 10 international business.

The OCR Supporting Teaching and Learning suite of qualifications 4 OCR Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

Unit 22 Support disabled children and young people and those with special. Cambridge TECHNICALS LEVEL 3 mint-body.com IT. First teaching September LEVEL 3. UNIT Big Data analytics F// Guided learning hours: Essential resources required for this unit: The centre will need to have the tools to allow for data tobe analysed and the storage capacity for a large quantity of data for.

Cambridge TECHNICALS LEVEL 3 IT mint-body.com CAMBRIDGE TECHNICALS IN IT LEVEL 3 UNIT 22 2 CONTENTS Introduction 3 The activities within this teaching and learning resource must not be used for LEVEL 3 UNIT 22 7.

Ocr unit 22 level 3 teaching
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