Money is the root of all evil essay spm

The Middle East countries have found new wealth because of their oil deposits and they have become a very powerful group. The definition of greed in the dictionary is an extreme desire for something.

Cases have been known of people whose love of money led them to work all the time without rest and thus ruin their health. For instance, this has provoked a furore among Malaysians, that is, chemicals were used on hogs to make them fatter.

Some may argue that it is true, while some say that it is not true.

Money Is The Root Of All Evil Essay Sample

When a person love money so much, he will jealous on other with more money and he tends to get more money than him in every possible way even by committed crime. For example, 2nd paragraph - the main idea is about crimes. But the Bible makes an even stronger statement about the love of money.

Such lure also leads people to commit thefts, resort to cheating in office and company accounts, and in tax returns, in business and industry; in fact, deception spreads in every branch of human activity.

They spent the rest of their lives trying to regain their lost and ruined health—but all in vain. None of this is to deny that some people do very bad things in pursuit of money.

The quest for money does not ensure happiness and contentment; on the contrary almost always leads to discontentment, constant fear that the hoards money might be lost or stolen; it is the cause of sleepless nights, of illusions and psychological suffering, of cruelty to fellow human beings and a gross distortion of human values, apart, of course, from glaring and heart- breaking economic imbalances which by themselves are a cause of more evil.

It is only what happens with money once it is in my hand that gives it qualities of either good or evil.

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

But those vices are reflective of deeper flaws in human nature: The greediness can destroy individuals, break up homes and even bring down nations. For example, money helps poor people to have a better life. If anything, money actually lessens the evil effects of greed by channeling it away from socially destructive practices, and toward socially productive ones.

To make the essay flow smoothly, conjunctions and logical connectors are used. More essays like this: In general, greed, again, causes evil, not money.

Anyone who develops this madness for money becomes, like the greedy Jew and the miserly Slot, a devotee, or rather a slave, of the goddess of wealth. They never satisfy the amount of money they have, they want more and more.

Wealth becomes a slave master in our lives and drives us to do all sorts of things that drive us farther and farther away from God. I should be in control of my money and not the money is in control of me.

I will show you a sample argumentative essay there are a few patterns of essays you need to know in English and this section will be discussed on the coming blogs I have written in Form 4. Based on what I have understood, money is the instrument of exchange.

The love and possession of wealth also bring in their wake callousness and dislike of the weak and lack of sympathy towards the helpless. They steal, rob and cheat to get quick money to fulfil their greedy.

For the love of money is the root of all evil Essay Sample

Nor do love of money and greed for gold necessarily ensures culture, his standards and good breeding. Watch any number of TV courtroom dramas, and the crime under consideration is usually motivated by jealousy or greed, or both.

In the essay, you can notice that there is a variety of sentence structures - simple, compound and complex sentences. Whenever there is misdistribution of wealth, and of the good things of life, there is jealousy and despair in the deprived section of human. We could "earn" money without working!

In addition, the wrong definition towards money is also causing the evil. His most memorable conversation about money is his encounter with the rich young ruler Matthew The Nobel Prize would not have been there but for the huge sum of money earned by Alfred Nobel.

That was the basic reality in India.

Short essay on Love of Money is the Root of Evil

However, when we reflect upon the correct citation of this verse, we see that it is the love of money, not money itself, that is a source of all different kinds of trouble and evil.

The question is how one spends that money.Published: Mon, 03 Jul Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils. Most people hold the false belief that they are unable to live without money; therefore, they condition their lives from early childhood to gain wealth by whatever means possible.

Love of Money is the root of all kinds of Evil People do many evil things in order to get rich. (Biblical. Compare this with Idleness is the root of all evil.) Fred: I know I could make more money if I just knew the right things to invest in. Ellen: Don't worry so much about money.

It's the root of all evil, after all. It is about the love of money, not money itself, being the root of all kinds of evil, not all evil. A few small words can make a difference. A few small words can make a difference. If any major religions truly pointed to money as the root of all evil, a lot of people would be trying to be as poor as possible.

Evil takes birth when people are obsessed with money and compare everything in terms of money. Desire to earn money is not the root of all evil; everybody needs money to fulfill their needs.

The problem arises when are wants increase. Thus, the want of money increases, we start to crave more of it and are never satisfied, this gives birth to greed.

Is money the root of all evil (and possibly, all mediocrity) on this planet? Will money always be the root of all evil? Is the love of money or the love of power the root of all evil?

No, money is not the root of all evil -- humans are. Money is a means, by which humans can do what they will, be it good or evil. And yet, there is something special about the relationship between money and evil, in that it is an uncannily reliable means of revealing human weakness.

Money is the root of all evil essay spm
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