Misinterpretation and its consequences essay

Because of the eminent challenges, effects and societal problems relating to domestic violence and stalking pose it is important that measures be put in place to address them objectively Douglas, These threats can be perpetrated directly or indirectly.

It seems as the Americans wants to keep their guns no matter what the price. The open-ended questionnaires do not confine the respondents to a particular response but encourage them to descriptively provide data relevant for the study.

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The American public is feeling the horrendous effects of violence that the second Amendment brings and many realize that something has to be done to decrease the annual death toll due to guns. That means that not only do other international governments see a direct relationship between guns and death but even the American people.

Contemporarily the police department preserves the safety of society and the need for armed citizens is out of date.

Some experts claim that letting people obtain licenses for carrying a gun while walking around in the streets is the cheapest way in lowering the horrendous statistics.

Children should not be able to own guns. In the case of metal detectors, officials have realized that preventing the possession of firearms inside the boundary of the school is necessary for the safety of the students and teachers.

Other experts claim that arming people is never a good answer to this problem because it adds to the risk of people getting shot in anger. The provision of medical facilities for the victims is important. Of the 13, nine survived and five people, classmates and teacher, died as a result of the shooting Liesen, Owens.

The access to guns might prove to be a deadly for both innocent bystanders and the holder of the gun. Gun Control Act of has very likely contributed to a lowering the number of deaths each year than the alternative of not having laws that regulate the possession and distribution of guns.

To eliminate or reduce cases of domestic violence and stalking in any society, various laws have to be legislated. In the 18th century, when the constitution was written, times were different; there was a need for armed citizens to insure the safety of the society as a whole.

The risk of a student or a teacher getting shot inside the school property has probably been reduced, which is positive. There is not much time for second thoughts and not much time for people to react. To explore the effects of domestic violence and mitigation as well as intervention strategies that can be applied by the authorities and other stakeholders to fight domestic violence To establish the role of public education in reducing causes and effects of domestic violence To determine the role physicians and therapists can play is giving psychological support to victims of domestic violence 1.

These clearly outline the fundamental effects of Domestic Violence There are various strategies that have been put in place and proposed as alternative strategies to reduce the rates of domestic violence and its effects. In the late 18th century, when the Constitution was written, times were very different than those of contemporary America.

The right to bear arms is an American right featured in the second Amendment of the Constitution. The purpose of cars is transportation and guns to launch a bullet into a target. In March two children, 11 and 13 years of age gunned down a total of 13 people in a school in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

For instance, the provision of protection Act which require that upon reporting of any case of domestic violence or stalking, faster action be taken to apprehend the perpetrator of the crime and bring justice to the victim.

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A study of the murder rate in Washington D. Not to mention the person or persons intended of being murdered have a lot more time to react to a speeding car than a bullet. Since the data will be obtained from the primary sources, it is factual that the data gathered is both reliable and valid.

The main obstacle in removing firearms from citizens in the U. One common argument in the debate about gun control is that if guns are banned then cars will also have to be banned because cars are also responsible for many deaths each year.

The truth is that the usage for cars and guns are totally. A quite common phrase is: It is thus a "global epidemic that kills, tortures, and maims-physically, psychologically and economically" UNICED,p. These are just some example of cities and states that have realized that strict gun control is one way of decreasing high murder rates.The data analysis is a very important stage in any research work as it is a prerequisite to present the findings of a study.

In effect, it is a process which cuts across all stages of the study and is "more than coding, sorting and sifting" (Seidelp.4). THE INTERPRETATION AND MISINTERPRETATION OF ISLAM This is a huge topic to cover, so today I will talk about the ultimate authority in Islam – the Quran, and how it can be misinterpreted and used to falsely justify politically.

The novel explores the coming of the white man and its effects on the culture of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white man brought about culture conflict which affects the people of Umuofia’s religion, their agriculture, their judicial system and their social life.

Thermal Expansion and Its Consequences Essay - A change in temperature may cause various changes in physical properties of an object due to the response of its particles.

One of those changes is the volume of object. Misinterpretation and Its Consequences - Julius Caesar Theme Analysis Essay Misinterpretations are the root of all tragedies, especially Julius Caesar.

They have severe consequences like the loss of innocent lives, conflicts between friends, all the way to our inability to discern our friends from our foes. Misinterpretation and Its Consequences; Misinterpretation and Its Consequences.

Words 3 Pages. Julius Caesar Theme Analysis Essay Misinterpretations are the root of all tragedies, especially Julius Caesar.

They have severe consequences like the loss of innocent lives, conflicts between friends, all the way to our inability to discern our.

Misinterpretation and its consequences essay
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