Mattel barbie strategy

The next effort to empower girls will center on music, Ms. The brand is also working with YouTube influencers to talk to girls in Mattel barbie strategy new way and spread the Barbie brand further. Log in or go back to the homepage. Barbie is cast in a new light in an online stop-motion music video unveiled last week.

The company used promotions to clear the glut of products. Now, her marketing is getting a similar shake-up. In addition to saving by lowering the dividend, Mattel is revamping its supply chain and cutting bureaucracy. Mattel has been seeking new direction since January when it fired CEO Bryan Stockton, who had come from the packaged foods industry.

And the Barbie website features a new game called My Style Book where kids can create their own fashions for Barbie. We are challenging our own rules," she said. The latest iteration, called "Super Style," uses fashion to drive self-expression.

And fashion is the vehicle for expressing who you are. Published on June 17, To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Mazzocco, referring to the stop-motion video.

Board member Christopher Sinclair replaced him on a temporary basis. ForMattel sees revenue gaining at a low-single-digit percentage. Mattel The chief executive officer, who started in February, told analysts that she wants shift Mattel away from being a vendor of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels at physical stores and into a company centered on mobile technology and activities.

Georgiadis inherited a company in turmoil.

Beyond Barbie: Mattel Plans Digital Transformation

The new push for the Fashionistas line, created in-house, is part of a broader initiative to empower girls. This year, Mattel is spending more on the Barbie brand and using a mix of TV, digital, social and direct-to-consumer elements, said Ms.

Mattel Launches New Direct-To-Consumer Distribution Strategy for Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway

This will lead to a big push in digital content, internet-connected toys and products that promote learning, she said. Revenue has fallen amid the loss of major licensing deals -- Disney Princess and Frozen -- and Mattle is struggling to produce hit toys at the rate it once did.

She also wants to expand into gaming, live experiences and other categories of products. Called "Who is Barbie? During two different stints at Google, she ran the advertising business for the Americas and worked in global sales. The brand has historically relied on traditional media like TV and direct-to-consumer messaging such as emails and mailers to promote its brand.

There had been positive signs before she arrived as Barbie -- its biggest brand -- posted periods of robust growth last year. We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age.Jun 14,  · Beyond Barbie: Mattel Plans Digital Transformation The company sees this allowing it to funnel as much as $ million into its growth strategy over the next few years and fueling sales.

Mattel Launches New Direct-To-Consumer Distribution Strategy for Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Leveraging Strengths from Fisher-Price, American Girl and HIT Entertainment, Mattel Unveils a Premium Shopping Experience Featuring Limited-Release Engines and Customizable Products.

Whether rebelling or doting, every girl grew up with her own affecting and polarizing relationship to Barbie (or dolls like her). Like most kids, the relationship developed between a young girl and her toy proxy can come to define her early social interactions, imagination, and personality.

Barbie Revamps Marketing Following Diverse Product Makeover

In a. This presentation illustrate the Mattel's strategy case study. Mattel Girls & Boys Brands: • Barbie After a much needed leadership change at the turn of the century, Mattel’s corporate strategy.

Jun 17,  · As part of a broader effort to empower girls, Mattel is rolling out a more diverse Barbie product line and refreshing its marketing approach for the doll brand.

Mattel barbie strategy
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