M3 01 solving problems and making decisions

Will cuts mean only front line services that are statutory in nature be preferred over seemingly peripheral services such as a sleep counselling service?

This could be around bed times and waking times etc. Have the current staff group the necessary communication skills to make effective counsellors? This is in turn compliments the move politically for parents to have more control over their lives. Does the political economic downturn means that projects which offer projected savings M3 01 solving problems and making decisions less attractive than short term cuts to services?

It is this role that we were presented with the following problem — Significant numbers of parents have presented to the service requesting over night respite essentially a night away for their child at a recognised respite provider. A number of ideas were put forward, but by consensus there were four areas which were felt were appropriate responses to the issue of demand for increase in over night provision.

There is a wealth of evidence to support the notion that sleep problems are far higher in the disabled population than in mainstream families Pahl and Quine The service holds an away day twice a year and part of the session was given to a brain storming session around the issue of sleep problems and what we as a service should do to address them.

Ilm M01 Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Will the outlay of intense training be viable if staff retention is problematic? It will also expose threats which may pose a threat to its sustainability and opportunities afforded by the process. Therefore we identified a diverse number of partners to carry out a pilot project. I provide the resources, staff and training for any universal activity to support identified disabled children.

Strengths in more detail The major strength of the programme when functioning to its potential is its affordability and sustainability. Finally the sleep clinic team would present to all partner agency staff. Before presenting to the joint service steering group we carried out an SWOT analysis to anticipate issues which may be raised in the presentation.

This in turn will help our cause when decisions on future cuts are made. The initial outlay of training could be offset against respite savings. This could be done by identifying key areas in the day that parents were struggling with and identify additional support during these times.

The main objective would be could we illustrate the effectiveness of the sleep program as an intervention? How to Write a Summary of an Article? A potential sleep programme training course was identified which would involve five members of staff being identified to be trained to M3 01 solving problems and making decisions sleep counsellors.

Are the funding streams used currently likely to remain as further cuts are deemed necessary? They would be empowered to know how they could have a substantial package of support around them for the cost of very few overnights.

Essentially there has to be a selling process and ownership of the service throughout the joint service. This ensures that all disabled children and their families are supported to take part in and enjoy local community life, whenever possible using local childcare facilities, leisure and recreational activities.

SWOT analysis of sleep program Please see appendix 1 The use of a SWOT analysis provides a methodical and honest assessment of our services strengths and weaknesses for carrying out a defined sleep program.

How can we illustrate that time spent in the program will in the long term reduce hours in other areas. The objective of the analysis is to ascertain whether the sleep program is a viable affordable, sustainable response to the need for a sleep intervention process.

They would work directly with the parents and enable the arents to change bedtime routines and behaviours in order to improve sleep patterns in the child. More effective use of money and resources will also appeal to stakeholders. Parents will hopefully support something which gives them a long term solution to their problem and not just a short term solution which is offered by overnights.

By this means parents will be able to see for themselves the cost effectiveness of the intervention and the huge costs of over night respite.

The practical applications of a sleep program can be applied to other complimentary areas of work Sleep Scotland such as home care and other counselling conditions.

We would need to highlight circumstances when the intervention could have most benefit i. Could we illustrate parental satisfactions as a response to sleep issues?

Finally and most importantly, an effective service will put less pressure on other related services resulting in economies for the stakeholders Threats in more depth The current economic climate is going to have a huge bearing on the success or otherwise of the project. Weaknesses in more detail Identification of our weaknesses needed to be done as constructively as possible with no blame or finger pointing, however several key points emerged The first is can the staff hours be found to sustain a sleep program?

The cost of over night short breaks respite is highly significant in the services overall budget, far in excess of any other service we provide, and even a small increase would put a huge strain on resources. As the sleep service grows there will become a need for additional staff time, resources as well as someone to coordinate the service administer the service and manage the new counsellors.

A fundamental question is it possible for the recruitment process to reflect the need for new workers to potentially add to the service. The SWOT analysis illustrated that there are major potential benefits to partner agencies so there involvement and investment was essential.Solving Problems and Making Decisions: Cervical Screening Turnaround Times Background The aim of the cervical screening programme is to reduce the incidence of, and morbidity and mortality from, invasive cervical cancer.

This is achieved by screening eligible women between the ages of. M Solving problems and making decisions Background The organisation I work for is The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust, it provides acute treatment and care for a catchment population of aroundpeople in Bath, and the surrounding towns and villages in North East Somerset and Western Wiltshire.

Free Essay: ILM LEVEL 3 Award in first line management M Solving Problems and Making Decisions by Donna Sullivan Hull Training Table of Contents. Assignment M Solving problems and making decisions Background The organisation I work for is The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust, it provides Words: — Pages: 6 M3 01 Solving Problems And Making Decisions Wba problem.

The recent transition to the information age has focused attention on the processes of problem solving and decision making and their improvement (e.g., Nickerson, Perkins, & Smith, ; Stice, ; Whimbey & Lochhead, ). In fact, Gagne (, ) considers the strategies used in these processes to be a primary outcome of modern education.

WORK-BASED ASSIGNMENT: M - Solving problems and making decisions Learner Name: Sadagat Farzullayeva Background Caspian Technical Training Center is Oil and Gas technical training facility located in Sangachal, Azerbaijan.

M3 01 solving problems and making decisions
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