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At the Roseland State Ballroom, where all the big bands perform, Malcolm replaces the shoeshine boy, who has just won the local numbers racket, an unofficial lottery played for small amounts of money. They have a really hard time getting over the death especially her older brother Teddy.

He lives with his half-sister, Ella, who encourages him to explore the city before tying himself down to a job. You get a sense of it all. Homeboy Malcolm arrives in Boston looking like a country person without any sense of urban fashion.

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Makes you just as bad of a person. However, there was a way out and he quickly took the chance. This need to mesh with white society plagues blacks of all classes because the cost of not fitting in to white society is often too great.

He explains the surroundings and what people really go through as part of their daily life routine. He takes Laura home and then returns to the Roseland and eventually leaves with Sophia in her convertible. Teddy T-bear goes from completely swearing him outto buying him food and taking him in changing him as a person.

Malcolm hates the middle-class atmosphere, but one patron named Laura, a studious high school student, stands out from the others. With his earnings, he buys his first zoot suit, a flamboyant outfit fashionable on the street.

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The life lesson this book really portrays the fact that someone, no matter who it is can really impact your life and change it all. The conk hairstyle, popular in middle-class and poor neighborhoods alike, represents black self-defacement and loss of identity.

Micah who is a wanna be gang banger who has no relativeno father, no mother, he has no one so he fends for himself. Laura Ella gets Malcolm a job as a clerk at a drugstore in Roxbury Hill.

What other choice is there? As part of a juvenile rehabilitation, Teddy is assigned to mentor Micah, a 12 year old foster child and a wanna be gang banger. The fact that his little sister was gunned down by a drive-by shooting really gives you a feel of what kind of environment you have to be in to Homeboyz chapter summaries involved with a drive-by.

So many people have to deal with a loss of their loved ones due to gang violence. Wrong place, wrong time. Laura is an excellent dancer, but she has a protective grandmother, whom she must lie to and fight with in order to go out dancing.

This book is full of intense details and leaves you mesmerized with each page you turn. It really ties this book together. Shorty, who turns out to be from Lansing as well, works at the hall racking balls and tending tables, but he is also an aspiring saxophonist with contacts all over town.

The setting is in the ghetto, the author makes you feel as though you were really there.Aug 17,  · This Site Might Help You.

RE: who can give me chapter by chapter summaries for the book homeboyz? homeboyz by Alan Lawrence SitomerStatus: Resolved. Homeboyz is a fiction novel written by Alan Lawrence Sitomer.

The main character is a 17 year old boy nicknamed Teddy. In the beginning of the story, Teddy's neighborhood is overrun by gangsters and his little sister, Tina, is killed. There was a lot of attention grabbers at the beginning of each chapter, and cliffhangers that made you want /5.

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"Homeboy", a song by JoJo from her self-titled album JoJo Home Boy, a album by trumpeter Don Cherry "Homeboyz", a song on the album " Tupac: Resurrection ". Read Chapter 1 from the story HomeBoyz by denero_cheri with 2, reads. guns, action, death.

Everybody who's anybody in the 'hood has got a street name. Som Reviews: Transcript of Book Project - Homeboyz Homeboyz By: Alan Lawrence Sitomer Quarter 4 Book Project Character Traits Theme Summary of Response The character traits of Teddy Anderson, the main character, are short-tempered, intelligent, and unforgiving.

Homeboyz chapter summaries
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