Essay writing on green revolution

Critics also note that the reduction in crop types leads to a less varied, less healthy diet, because the crops are produced for volume, not nutritional quality. The crops are created through crossbreeding or random mutagenesis to improve crop yield and increase durability to allow for longer shipment and storage times.

This was the reason why the reason why our economic condition remained quite miserable. More and more river-valley Essay writing on green revolution came up in the succeeding five-year-plans. Paragraph are generally facts based rather than interactive or story based. In order to expand our canal-system, the Government has already made a lot of dams like ones at the Mahanadi, the Damodar and the Vakranangal.

India suffered back-to-back droughts in the mids, exacerbating the problem. International Food Policy Research Institute, The Green Revolution changes social arrangements.

I believe the Green Revolution had more of a positive impact than negative. All these reasons created a huge shortage of food that resulted in the famine. This shows that the Green Revolution was not harming crop yields, but greatly making them much better.

More and more patches of land in the country should be provided with irrigation facilities, and standing crops should be kept safe from natural calamities and insect menace. The food problem was the first and foremost problem India faced when she got her independence.

By it was self-sufficient, and by it was exporting half a million tons annually.

Essay on Green Revolution

So steps should be taken for an equitable distribution of land among the people so that the real farmers will be encouraged to work with zeal and produce more for the nation.

If you are confident enough try to be interactive with your listeners. Document 2 also supports this reasoning because for a while the food supply was about equal to the population until aboutwhen the Green Revolution was occurring.

Lastly, a fertilizer factory has been sanctioned to be raised at Talcher in Orissa and another at Paradip. Green revolution has been effected not only in India but also in many other countries Essay writing on green revolution food production is not at par with the size of population.

Agency for International Development administrator William S. As the technologies spread through the world, crop yields increased each year.

Today I am going to talk about the green revolution in India and how it helped India in its economic growth. I believe that the Green Revolution had a more positive than negative impact. An increase in wheat and overall food supply cannot possibly be a bad thing.

High yielding varieties of seeds are quite necessary to make a large output of grains. By the share was 70 percent for both. The rising irrigation systems have also decreased the overall underground water level drastically. The agriculture research centres are trying to produce new varieties of seeds to grow more crops.

In order to keep up the prestige of the nation and lessen the burden on our economy, the government had to think seriously over this problem.

Mechanization has reduced the need for low-skilled human labor. It was very difficult t o overcome these challenge and some of them are as follows, Famines The Bengal famine was the world largest food disaster happened in India during British rule. Dependence on chemical fertilizers also leads to ecological damage such as on the Pacific island of Nauru, which was mined extensively for its phosphates.

Afterthe graph shows food supplies drastically increasing and being much higher than the population.

Asia was particularly dependent on food aid from developed countries. A free nation which dreamed of occupying an honourable place in the international field should not depend on other nations for her food. The Government of India brought highly productive seeds from other countries and tested them on our soil.

The agriculture experts were sent to the countryside to aid and advise the farmers for more production.Green Revolution Essays: OverGreen Revolution Essays, Green Revolution Term Papers, Green Revolution Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Green Revolution Essay The term Green Revolution refers to the series of advances in agriculture and agronomy that led to exponentially higher cereal harvests in the s and s, especially in food-scarce nations in Asia and Latin America.

The term Green Revolution was first coined by the USAID United States Agency for International Development in It all started in Mexico with US aid and backed. Essay on Green Revolution. Article shared by.

Green Revolution

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Essay writing on green revolution
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