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According to Al-Baladhuria 9th-century Persian historian, Qasim was killed due to a family feud with the governor of Iraq. Suleman was an enemy of Hajjaj and thus ordered Qasim back to the kingdom. Here he became a victim to party politics.

He refused by pretending that Daibul port was not in his authority while Sindh was in his territory at that time. Hajjaj and his patron died in He was put behind bars where he died at age of twenty.

Muhammad bin Qasim

Upon discovering this subterfuge, the Khalifa is recorded to have been filled with remorse and ordered the sisters buried alive in a wall. He should have strengthened his navy earlier to check the invasion of Sindh but he did not make any effort in this regard due to his negligence and lack of foresight.

Now Muslims were the masters of whole Sindh and a part of Punjab up to the borders of Kashmir in the north. He terrified the people of India by oppressing the vanquished people of Debal but later on he behaved politely and gained their favour.

Essay on the Causes of Success of the Arabs’s Invasion of Sindh

Qasim was later arrested under the orders of the caliph by the successor governor of Sindh, Yazid ibn Kabsha as-Sasaki, who worked under the new governor of Iraq, Yazid ibn al-Muhallaband the new fiscal manager, Salih ibn Abd ar-Rahman. It was the uncle, Hajjaj bin Yousaf, who taught him the art of governing and warfare.

He became a victim and was put behind bars.

At the age of sixteen, he was asked to serve under the great general, Qutayba bin Muslim. The account of his death by Al-Baladhuri is very brief compared to the one in Chachanama. The Brahmins and the Buddhist were treated well and were entrusted with responsible administrative offices.

People were dissatisfied with them and they had no interest in the politics of the country. The Arabs had their entry in India through Makran and king Dahir was fully responsible for it. His conquest for the Umayyads brought Sindh into the orbit of the Muslim world.

Qasim maintained these regulations, declaring that the Jats resembled the savages of Persia and the mountains.

She supervised his religious instruction herself, and hired different teachers for his worldly education.

Mohammad Bin Qasim

One of the very famous heroes of history is Mohammad Bin Qasim who played a major role in spread of Islam in the sub-continent.

Also cited as a reason for this campaign was the policy of providing refuge to Sassanids fleeing the Arab advance and to Arab rebels from the Umayyad consolidation of their rule.Muhammad bin Qasim leading his troops in battle.

Qasim was also an excellent administrator. He established peace and order as well as a good administrative structure in the areas he conquered.

Muhammad Bin Qasim was a sole 17 years old conqueror in the history of Sub-Continent. In addition, he is also the very first founder of Pakistan.

However, he was the son of Qasim Bin Yousaf. Free Essays on Muhammad Bin Qasim Essay. Get help with your writing. 1 through Ammad-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Qasim was a renowned general of Umayyad who conquered Sindh. He was also the Nephew of Hajjaj Bin Yousaf. When Muhamad-Bin-Qasaim invaded Sindh and introduced Islam, he was only 17 years old.

He is considered as a hero and worrier of Islam in the sub-continent. Sindh is also called Bab-ul-Islam because he [ ]. In this term paper I have discussed Muhammad Bin Qasim’s entire campaign of invading South Asia one of history’s major landmarks in changing the shape of the world making it as it is today.

The following points are discussed in the term paper. Mohammad Bin Qasim, the soldier of Islam, established peace and took first step to install Muslim Society in the Sub-continent. The local population was so impressed by his justice, leniency and fair-play of the Muslims that when Muhammad Bin Qasim and later Umayyad Caliph Umer Bin Abdul Aziz invited the people to accept Islam, the response was.

Essay on muhammad bin qasim
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