Enthesis of bone

These authors based their classification system on the location of entheses associated with long bones, i. They equate to the indirect and direct attachments, respectively, of Woo et al. This may be another cause of bone pain related to the insertions superficial anchorage to the periosteum.

However, the authors will provide a brief overview of both types of entheses and the differences between them in order to provide the reader with a clinically relevant understanding of the two major forms of soft-tissue to bone insertions.

The X-ray does not show the soft tissue of the enthesis insertion but this is drawn for explanation. Enthesis Enthesis of bone and Repair Given that insertions are sites of high physical stressing they are consequently associated with damage.

Fibrocartilaginous insertions will therefore be the focus of this review. The MRI shows a fracture in bone adjacent to the attachment black arrow. A distinction is made between different locations of fat at entheses, and possible functions include space-filling and proprioception.

The enthesis insertion site is usually composed of a shock absorbing tissue termed fibrocartilage which lacks a blood supply. These insertions are more commonly studied and more frequently injured e.

Diseases of the enthesis are still poorly recognised and appreciated by many doctors. Particular attention is paid to mechanical factors that influence form and function and thus to exploring the relationship between entheses and exercise.

Bony spur formation is assessed in relation to other changes at entheses which parallel those in osteoarthritic synovial joints. However, far less attention has been paid to tendons and ligaments than to bone and much of the current interest has its roots in the pioneering work of PloetzKummer, and Pauwels When a healthy tree is blown over in a storm the roots are uprooted but the trunk may still be intact shown on right.

Imaging the Enthesis With the emerging importance of the enthesis in disease there is an increasing need to better visualise this structure. This section discusses enthesis repair in health and disease and will describe both soft tissue and bone changes Fibrous entheses attach directly to bone or periosteum primarily via fibrous tissue, which is similar in structure to the tendon midsubstance.

The Enthesis and Bone

If you suffer from unexplained bone pain or have a known medical diagnosis and bone pain of uncertain cause, this site will help you understand it better. They distribute the loads applied to them dynamically in order to execute movement patterns. This section contains information on key imaging features that aid in the recognition of enthesopathy and in differentiating this from other joint pathologies If you suffer from unexplained joint pain, then check it out Inflammation in most other tissues leads to their destruction but this not the case in the spine.

Weinreb Find articles by Jeffrey H. Report Enthesis of bone the Second international Enthesitis Workshop. An organ is a group of related tissues that function together to carry out a specific task The majority of entheses in the body are fibrocartilaginous.

Bone fracture related to the enthesis So it is with human insertions where an elaborate attachment to the underlying bone plays a role in pathology. The anchorage of a tree to the ground is complex with the underground root network being quite extensive shown on left.

This must be repaired to maintain skeletal integrity. Injuries such as rotator cuff and anterior cruciate ligament ACL tears are relatively common and outcomes of these procedures serve as evidence of the difficulty in managing these injuries.

This is then locked into the underlying bone struts trabeculae like a tiny network of roots red lines added for explanation The implications of this anchorage system between the enthesis and the bone is that diseases of the enthesis are associated with bone damage.

Disorders of the numerous tendon or ligament attachment sites around the body is a major cause of pain, suffering and disability. The figure below is a high resolution x-ray of a slice of bone taken from a knee joint at the attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament ACL. The musculoskeletal system consists of bone, muscle, cartilage, tendon, ligament, and other connective tissues that organize the various components into a functional organ system.

Enthesitis and Enthesopathy

The difficulty associated with recreating the distinct organization may account for the surgical challenges associated with reconstruction of damaged insertion sites. Connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, are joined to bone in a specialized interface referred to as an insertion site, known as the enthesis which integrates their structures into bone and facilitates joint motion 1.

Mazzocca Find articles by Augustus D. This site provides information for patients and doctors and is being developed by leading internationally known doctors and scientists in the field of enthesis research.

The enthesis: a review of the tendon-to-bone insertion

Summary The integration of tendon into bone occurs at a specialized interface known as the enthesis. This image shows the foot and the Achilles enthesis or tendon insertion point in cartoon form.

The enthesis exhibits gradients in tissue organization classified into four distinct zones with varying cellular compositions, mechanical properties, and functions in order to facilitate joint movement.Enthesitis is inflammation of the entheses, the sites where tendons or ligaments insert into the bone.

[1] [2] It is also called enthesopathy, or any pathologic condition involving the entheses. The entheses are any point of attachment of skeletal muscles to the bone, where recurring stress or inflammatory autoimmune disease can cause DiseasesDB: Nov 17,  · The integration of tendon into bone occurs at a specialized interface known as the enthesis.

The fibrous tendon to bone enthesis is established through a structurally continuous gradient from uncalcified tendon to calcified bone. The enthesis exhibits gradients in tissue organization classified into. enthesis /en·the·sis/ (en-the´sis) the site of attachment of a muscle or ligament to mint-body.comis insertion of a tendon or ligament into.

Where tendons and ligaments meet bone: attachment sites (‘entheses’) in relation to exercise and/or mechanical load. However, the proportion of the enthesis subchondral bone plate which consists of calcified fibrocartilage increases with age.

An enthesis is a point of attachment or insertion point of a sinew (tendon or ligament) to the bone.


This image shows the foot and the Achilles enthesis or. The enthesis is inserted to the bone like the roots of a tree are anchored to the ground. This allows for firm attachment and is key to understanding the link between diseases of the enthesis and the underlying bone.

Enthesis of bone
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