Diet and exercise analysis essay

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Diet and Exercise Analysis

My plan is to eat healthier and to lose weight so that my overall health improves. The human body is a very complex structure. So, comparing my totals to my daily goals I see that I am quite short on most of my goals. When I set up my profile I chose to stay under calories a day.

Before I started using the tracker I never gave much thought to how many calories I was burning just walking around, cleaning, cooking, and working. I have a hard time staying under my daily sugar allotment. I need to learn to stop for a moment while I am at work and eat a small bit.

But also take in less sodium and fat. I found that when I am very busy I tend to eat less and healthier. They produce energy, regulate cell and tissue growth, they help the minerals to work properly in your body, and even protect your cells from damage.

The amount of exercise that I did today gave me an additional 1, calories. I did notice using this tracker though that I need to eat more vegetables and proteins, and cut back on my sugars. I ate fast food and consumed way to much sodium and sugars. Another way to improve my diet I have to have more calcium, and potassium.

Remaining for calories is 2, carbs isfat is 88, protein is 89, sodium is 2, and sugar is They help you grow, develop and stay healthy. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble stored in the liver and is found in carrots, mangos, spinach ect. Vitamin C is acts as an electron donor for eight different enzymes and fights off the effects of having high blood cholesterol.

There are good fats and bad fats.

Diet Analysis Paper Essay Sample

I should also consume higher magnesium foods such as green vegetables and nuts.A healthy balanced diet and exercise are two ways to ensure that your body is functioning properly so that you may live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Popular Essays The barber's Trade union Summary. Final Argumentative Essay Diet vs. Exercise. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to know how to establish and maintain a healthy weight.

When it comes to staying fit, the answer is very simple and direct.

One’s body must create a calorie deficit. Meaning, the body must burn more calories than consumed. The similarities and differences of my current diet to the recommendations. I do not think that there is too much of a difference.

B because my diet and exercise have not been too good this pass past week. Realistic nutrition and exercise plan • Maintain weight • Cut body fat down from 10% to 8% • Cut sweets totally out of my diet • Reach 15, total miles for the season • Set a new one day record for most miles in a day.

Currently miles. Read this essay on Diet and Exercise Analysis. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Diet Analysis 1 3 Day Diet Analysis Cortez Hardman Professor Mezu University of Phoenix February 17, Diet Analysis 2 Throughout my long military career, physical fitness and nutrition have always been a major factor in my life.

There is more to living healthy than just exercise. Knowing nutrition, as well as proper dieting, goes hand and hand with exercise.

Diet and exercise analysis essay
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