Descriptive essay on paradise island

Our room was big and nice. The next day, we went on the beach for a picnic. There were humans living in this place that seemed like a dreamed paradise, how fortunate for them to live in such a place, I whispered to myself.

We were also swimming and got to see the marine life in close proximity.

From a distant, I heard the sounds of words being said, though I could not make out what the words were.

After my personal encounter with this place, I finally believed there was a heaven on earth. As I placed one foot out from my wooden boat, and the next foot out, my feet decided to plant itself into the sand. Its ineffable beauty was like a masterpiece painted by Picasso that came to life, lying right in front of my eyes.

After that, we were having a barbecue by the shore. The feeling of the sand in between my toes reminded me of my childhood where I spent a reasonable amount of time at the beach. Their services were also good. The bathroom really cool and it is also large.

The bed very soft and it is very comfortable for us to sleep. We tried to look the hotel because we were going to stay at a hotel for two days and one night.

Write a description of your first impressions of the place and its people. Many of sea-foods that we eat such as clams, fishes, prawns, cuttlefish and so on. The stream of dark, glossy waves falling over my shoulder swayed to one side as the gentle breeze blew.

It felt like I was in the other realms. She says its easier to score in descriptive than argumentative. At the night, we went to lunch at the restaurant and we took a variety of the foods that were prepared there.

Palm trees swayed with synchronisation, as if it was choreographed dance. The smiles and excitement on their faces were welcoming and inviting, as if they had known me for ages. We heard the musical notes of the waves and it makes our mind more calm.

The water is very clean and it makes my body more refreshing. They know how to treat the customers.

I was happy because got a chance to see them. I want to know if I should write argumentative, descriptive or narrative for the composition part. As I was finally able to take control of my body, I walked towards the island, with my feet brushing against the silky, smooth sand.

Just as I arrived, it so happened the sky began to glow as the flaming orb rose from the horizon and ignited the sky, causing it to burst into a bright, passionate mix of scarlet and yellow. The weather is also nice. In a distant, was a majestic waterfall that looked like a sheet of blue velour swishing down, its edges hemmed with whipped-white lines.

My mother prepared the foods to eat. My family and I were slept for a while because we felt tired. I rested my eyelids and instantly, my ears could pick up the unnoticeable sounds of nature. I was sleepy on the journey to Langkawi Island. Later, we checked-in the hotel and the hotel workers also very nice.

The scenery was very beautiful and the air also fresh. I started to regain my sight as my eyelids gradually lifted. We can see the beach from our room. We went there by the bus and then we ride the ferry. The colours of the sky blended perfectly with the colours of the scenery. We also get to avoid ourselves from the sound of traffic that have in the city.

Your feedbacks will be much appreciated Descriptive Writing You arrive on an island.Read story On a Tropical Island. Far, Far, Away by Hartress (Call me Hart) with 4, reads. hartress, peace, descriptive. “Warmth. Peace. Serenity.” The Reviews: 9.

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Descriptive Writing Prompt: Deserted Island. 0. Posted on: 1 Imagine being stranded on a deserted island paradise.

On a Tropical Island. Far, Far, Away . . .

What you discover is a dream come true. Think about what that place would look like, sound like, smell, and feel like. Use the chart below to brainstorm descriptive words and images that appeal to the five senses: Island as. Make the most of Paradise Island Information at Find Paradise Island Bahamas Information to plan the ultimate memorable family vacation.

Talking tourism with the island president 2. FORBES ASIA: Tourism keeps this nation of 1, islands afloat, and China is sending 22% of your visitors this year -- almost twice as much as your second-biggest market, the U.K.

Paradise” * Essay We always want what we can’t get. People from the poorer countries in the world want to live in.

Free Essay on a Trip To Paradise Island

Essay on A Beautiful Ideal: Advertising as Proscriptive, Not Merely Descriptive - A Beautiful Ideal Contrary to the popular saying, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty and beauty ideals are delicate representations of their respective societies’ unique social, political, and economic beliefs.

Descriptive essay on paradise island
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