Controlling employee health care cost essay

Each has his or her own opinion and for the company to create this type of program, they have to deal first with those employees who try to resist against this type of program. As a result, most measures used to assess health care quality reflect how care was delivered rather than how it affected the health of the people treated over the long term.

It includes administrative costs, malpractice insurance, and profits for for-profit hospitals and insurance companies. A quarter said they were also motivated to reduce the cost of healthcare coverage to the employee.

For example, people who are denied access to health care insurance may become seriously ill which is more likely when routine care is lacking.

Controlling employee health care cost Essay

Thus, competition is most effective in reducing costs and maintaining quality when it is among large organizations such as insurance companies, which compete for contracts from corporations or the government, or among hospitals, which compete for contracts from insurance companies.

The results of the survey are summarized in this paper. The Control and Solution Strategy According to the IPMA-HR survey, 90 percent of public agencies said they have either made changes to their health insurance plan or that they intend to make changes within the next year.

Increased use of primary care Primary care usually costs less than specialty care. When they feel these, they are more likely stay in the company because it gives them importance. The feeling of being part of the team will be emphasized more in this type of program.

Controlling Health Care Benefit Costs

Develop a Long-term Plan. Some claims are rare but extremely costly, and these can be covered by conventional insurance. Public employees have no doubt experienced similar increases, which is why IPMA-HR survey respondents said they were motivated to make healthcare plan changes to help ease the burden on employees.

Talent Management Challenge: Shifting Health Care Costs to Employees Comes With Potential Risks

Examples include organ transplants and specialty pharmaceuticals. Consider organizing and supporting an employee benefit committee that includes members drawn from collective bargaining groups, those not represented by collective bargaining, and management.

Decreased drug costs Using generic drugs or, when appropriate, more cost-effective brand-name drugs can help decrease drug costs. It is based on nationally recognized benchmarks for excellent wellness programs. Inthe IPMA-HR Benchmarking committee undertook a study of the problem, and found that most agencies are grappling with solution to the problem of greater healthcare costs.

Periodically rebidding plan services will help ensure that the employer is getting the best deal for its money. The premium increase of seven percent in was lower than the national average. Care that focuses on relieving symptoms palliative and hospice carerather than prolonging life, is often more useful during this time.

To help define unnecessary care, researchers need to do studies that compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of tests, drugs, and other treatments.

Strategies for Managing Health-Care Costs

As a result, providers may be paid less for a service and thus charge less than if they were left on their own. Healthier employees make for a Stronger association and Productivity It is already a fact that one of the key factors that affect employee production is their health.

For example, to attract customers, providers may charge less than their competitors for a similar service. It can be difficult to predict the effects of major changes in the health care system.

Kanter, Fifty-six percent of respondents said they had made changes to their health insurance plan design over the past three years Only 12 percent said they offer a traditional indemnity or fee for service type plan.

Sample program offerings include: People can request this type of care in documents called advance directives. Employers need to verify that these providers produce the best outcomes at the lowest price and to challenge their insurance carrier or third-party administrator to demonstrate that they have contracted with providers that produce quality outcomes.

Lower fees Insurance companies and the government may negotiate lower fees with hospitals and other institutions and with health care providers, or they may simply dictate such fees. Such measurement is expensive and must involve the evaluation of many people, who must be monitored for a long time.

With a small group of mostly older employees, the GBMSD found it increasingly difficult to be self-insured and in and decided to join the State of Wisconsin plan, which significantly reduced the cost of providing benefits.

Reforms that limit the number of suits and settlements should eventually lower premiums and benefit these doctors.Essays on Employee Health Benefits and Other Health Care Topics, Hosted by Brian Klepper Skip to content. Care And Cost. Essays on Employee Health Benefits and Other Health Care Topics, Hosted by Brian Klepper.

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The Rising Cost of Health Care Essay. The Rising Cost of Health Care Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Good Essays. Inemployee health care premiums increased over 11 percent, four times more than the rate of inflation.

[tags: Health Care] Good Essays words ( pages) Essay about The Need for Health. The Rising Cost of Health Care Essay; Health Care Cost Control Controlling the expenses of therapeutic forethought has long been a slippery objective in U.S.

wellbeing strategy. Marmor, Oberlander, and White in their article The Obama Administration's Options for Health Care Cost Control: Hope Versus Reality, state that “The United States. Home / Products and Services / Resources / Best Practices/Advisories / Strategies for Managing Health-Care Costs The GFOA recommends that governments examine the following primary strategies for managing employee health-care benefit costs more effectively: Set an Appropriate Level of Cost Sharing with Employees.

Controlling Health Care Costs - Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment from the Merck Manuals - Medical Consumer Version. Not Found Locations View The Professional Also, because the cost of medical care is subsidized for most people (for example, through employer-paid health insurance and tax deductions), they are less.

The cost of employee health-care benefits has increased rapidly over recent years, contribut-ing to the budgetary stress that governments are already facing as a result of declining or Containing Health-Care Costs: Proven Strategies for Success in the Public Sector.

Containing Health-Care Costs.

Controlling employee health care cost essay
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