Compare and contrast essay on high school and college teachers

20 Differences between High School & College Life

Anyway, you should realize the connection between these two educational institutions. They contact each other to help you. In high school, you know everyone in your class. They are available for every student after classes to explain the differences between various theories, point to the importance of hypothesis, interpret complex formulas, etc.

Show that one object is better than the other; Reveal a new, fresh point of view while comparing the objects; Bring both of the objects or the one that you think was paid less attention to into a sharper focus; Clarify what you consider to be misunderstood or not understood well enough.

In high school, your time and schedule are dictated by others. New places, new people, new situations. Coolessay in Other The first reaction to the topic like this is something like: Students do not have the entire information on the upcoming tests in college.

They feel like they have more choices to make, more room for themselves, more people with similar interests around. Unlike at high school, here they have to study all materials despite the expected questions.

However, when it comes to differences, it might be tricky since, for example, college can give you the opportunities high school life does not offer.

In college, the situation is very different because it is the students who are charged with the responsibility to decide the kinds of classes that they should take until they graduate. Solving homework assignments and simply learning material by heart is not enough.

Comparison and Contrast Essay Main Features As you can tell from the name of the type of essay itself, what you should do is compare something and then note what the essay requires. In high school, you wrote notes to friends.

College students need to build a certain set of skills to succeed with their college education. Content of the Essay Here comes the most interesting part: But, what parallels can be drawn between the two? Here are some ideas of the content you might want to include into your paper.

In college, you use your own judgment for what you have time to do. Methods of Writing There are two methods suitable for making your essay flow logically, and which one to choose depends on the aim of your essay.

How College is Different from High School

Personal Freedom A lot of college students say they feel like they started being treated like adults after they went to college. In college, you get to choose who you spend time around.

In high school, teachers gear classes towards average learners. Instead, it will be up to the student to figure out from whom to get the notes that he missed when he did not attend class. You wake up for your first class or whenever you want. In this case it will be better to mention it as a special feature and indicate something high school life has what college life lacks to make it a fair comparison.This essay will compare and contrast the different experiences of high school and college.

One of the major differences between high school and college is the fact that high school is mandatory and in most instances free to attend/5(1). The comparison essay is expected to have both similarities and differences in it, while contrast essay should only be concentrated on the differences between the compared objects, processes or people.

Contrast of High School Teachers vs College Professors There are some similarities between high school teachers and college professors but there are many more contrasts. Academically speaking, both teachers and professors have grading styles and policies, deadlines and due dates for papers and projects, and a sense of compassion.

Besides, college assignments are much more complicated in contrast to small high school essays. Many new types of papers such as research and term paper will appear as well as new writing formats: APA. 12/05/09 ENGU Assignment #5 – Point By Point Compare and Contrast High school and college are alike but also different in many ways.

They are both educational institutions which help people achieve greater intelligence but differ in certain factors. Compare and Contrast High School versus College Essay example After going to high school for four years, college is definitely a step up.

There are similarities, but at the same time more differences.

Compare and contrast essay on high school and college teachers
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