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Because of that, his greatest motivation in life was to help his family. Kumer took Electrical Engineering degree and became a lecturer, because he realized Malaysian policy of upholding science and technology. Alkanes are held together by weak intermolecular forces.

Alkanes react with bromine vapour or chlorine in the presence of UV light. For example, one might plan to become a painter or footballer.

Solubility in water — all members in alkanes are insoluble in water but soluble in many organic solvent benzene and ether.

Liquid Alkanes with more than 17 carbon atoms are solid.


By doing this, students will understand more and enjoy the classroom session. In short, be practical. Substitution reaction of alkanes take place in ultraviolet light.

About Habit — Do Not Smoke In order to improve yourselves, students should not be burdened with unnecessarily destructive habit, such as smoking and spending too much time on social media and video games.

Alkanes have strong carbon-carbon C — C bonds and carbon-hydrogen C — H bonds. Density of alkane — the density of water is higher than density of alkane.

Koleksi Nota Kimia Tingkatan 5 (SPM) / Form 5 Chemistry Notes

Last weekend I hung out with my homies from Gombak. Alkanes are covalent compounds and do not contain freely moving ions. All are single bonds which require a lot of energy to break.

About Study — Always Study Beforehand In the class, nothing is more frustrating than having no clue about what the teachers are teaching. Alkanes do not react with chemicals such as oxidizing agents, reducing agents, acids and alkalis. So, he used his passion love to learn new things to vigorously study and attain the highest qualification PhD.

Boiling and melting points — all alkanes in general have low boiling points and melting points. For example, he frequently went out to play football, but returned home before 7pm.

So, students should not be satisfied with mere degree. Here are the gist from the interview conducted: The best way is to study for 90 minutes, then take a rest for minutes.

His points are extremely useful for the students - particularly for those of Indian Malaysian ethnicity to serve as guidance and ideal role-model to emulate and succeed in their study.

When going down the series, relative molecular mass of alkanes is higher due to the higher force of attraction between molecules and alkane molecules are packed closer together.

Chemical properties of alkanes Reactivity of alkanes Alkanes are less reactive saturated hydrocarbon.Home SPM study tips Chemistry Form 4 Notes Chemistry Form 4 Notes PM SPM, im interested with your note how can i get it!

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Sep 25,  · The blog is for SPM students with the intention of providing more interesting information on Chemistry and also many tips to Score A+ in your SPM Chemistry. spm form 4 and form 5 chemistry short notes THIS REVISION NOTES INCLUDING ALL THE POPULAR CHEMICAL EQUATIONS ARE VERY CONVENIENT TO ALL CHEMISTRY SPM CANDIDATES.

JUST RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE "SAVE LINK AS" TO DOWNLOAD. This is Part 2 of the long series of Berry Berry Easy essential and concise notes for SPM Chemistry (Form 5) topic on Carbon Compounds. In case you miss out, the previous notes focused on definitions on the types of.

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