Characteristics of female offending and victimisation

Sampson and Janet L. Those who are unemployed are at the greatest risk of robbery, assault, and rape, followed by persons in school, the employed, those unable to work, those keeping house, and the retired.

Differences in the risk of robbery victimization across age groups are not as great as those found for other violent crimes Hindelang et al. Moreover, the deviant place theory suggests that taking safety precautions in these areas may be of little use since it is the neighborhood, and not the lifestyle choices, that affect victimization Seigel, Furthermore, we contend that the victim-offender overlap can provide fundamental insights into the etiology of violence; hence we pay close attention to studies that allow assessment of the causal role that offending may play in increasing victimization risk, and vice versa.

Therefore, although juveniles appear to be at high risk for violent personal victimization, the victimizations they do suffer are more likely to have minor consequences compared to those of adults. Major daytime activity as measured was found to have no significant independent effect on risk of violent victimization.

Although each of the individual-level characteristics discussed above appears related to victimization, it is possible that these associations are spurious.

According to this theory, the presence of one or more of these factors creates a higher risk of victimization. University of Massachusetts, Lowell. In a nutshell, if a neighborhood is "deviant," the only way to lower your risk of victimization is to leave the neighborhood for a less deviant, low crime rate area.

Finally, Kennedy and Fordeusing Canadian data, examined the relative effects of a variety of routine activities on assault and robbery victimization. Excluding homicide, rape is the crime with the highest level of injury Hindelang et al.

Characteristics of female offending and victimisation

Two-way relationships among most forms of violent victimization and each of the indicators of socioeconomic status are generally negative in direction, but even smaller in magnitude.

First, since the feminist motion, Criminology has focused attending onto female offending and has helped to deconstruct the traditional male chauvinist stereotypes of the female wrongdoer antecedently portrayed by traditional criminologists Lombrosso,cited in Newburn, When dealing with this theory we must ask ourselves whether or not it is really okay to blame the occurrence of a crime on the victim.

In decision, Criminology has been important in lending to our apprehension of the features of female offending and victimization. This section includes a review not only of demographic correlates e.

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Therefore it is no surprise that adult females were largely over looked within these Fieldss. For example, what characteristics of communities are associated with high rates of violence?

The Four Theories of Victimization

To assess this possibility, we direct our attention to the research literature that has considered some or all of these individual-level factors simultaneously.

The individual level of explanation typically inquires as to characteristics of individuals that explain behavior. Are these differences stable over recent time periods? It is thus possible that the patterns regarding direct effects of lifestyle are unique to countries such as Great Britain, where cultural and structural conditions e.

Furthermore, these effects persisted despite statistical controls for traditional demographic factors age, sex, family income and neighborhood characteristics e. In particular, Gottfredson reports that the use of public transportation and nighttime activities such as drinking or going out to pubs increase personal victimization in Great Britain whereas activities such as attending church are associated with lower risk.

We emphasize studies that present empirical data, especially those that have representative e. Siegel lists job promotions, job status, successes, love interests, and the like as examples of these unconscious behaviors and characteristics.approach to supporting women offenders who are survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA).

We reviewed a wide range of literature across three key domains, namely the profile of women offenders, current theory and practice in offender rehabilitation, and the impacts of child sexual abuse and repeat victimisation.

Moreover, increased involvement in offending "lifestyles"-either through increases in time spent with delinquent peers or through one's own offending-had large positive effects on robbery and assault victimization, controlling for race, age, sex, family structure, family income, neighborhood characteristics, and prior propensity toward.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report Highlights DecemberNCJ Women Offenders Characteristics of violent female offenders More than half of female violent offenders were described by victims victims of male and female offenders was about the same.

An estimated. A number of reports suggest that the characteristics of the female inmate population have changed, with more mental ill-health, substance abuse and social disadvantage present, particularly among remandees. 2 Female offenders demonstrate high levels of previous victimisation, poor mental health, substance misuse and social disadvantage.

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Human Services & Social Work: Women Offending and Victimisation. UC Library Guide for Human Services & Social Work. Home; How Do I Find? Female sexual offenders: Theory, assessment and treatment. Malden, MA: Wiley Blackwell. The focus of this report is the victimization of women on college campuses in terms of property, personal, and sexual assault victimization.

Several theoretical perspectives have provided frameworks for assessing campus victimization of women, namely, routine activities, feminist, and self-control theories.

Characteristics of female offending and victimisation
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