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The duties of such counsel include drafting bond purchase agreements, and may include drafting official statements and coordinating disclosure documents. Governmental Debt Management References: The issuer, to protect its interests, should have policies and procedures that will facilitate limited involvement, including any or all of the following: The underwriter bears the ultimate responsibility for the adequacy of its own counsel.

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The inclusion of underwriter disclaimer language is referenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC in footnote of its Interpretive Release on disclosure obligations of governmental issuers and other municipal market participants.

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We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the business services we offer to support your company. Call us today at or contact our expert administration services team online. GFOA further recommends that in the preparation of official statements, issuers should undertake an affirmative review to ensure that any such disclaimer language has not been included.

Working with the underwriter, the issuer can prepare a list of acceptable firms and leave the final selection to the underwriter. The issuer may draw up a list of general criteria and qualifications to be used by the underwriter and other professionals in the selection of counsel.

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Such counsel also assists the underwriter in meeting its legal responsibilities generally in the issuance and sale of the bonds. While municipal securities are exempt from registration and reporting requirements of the federal securities laws, they are subject to the antifraud provisions.

Others participating in the preparation of an official statement for either a competitive or negotiated sale--such as underwriters, attorneys, and financial advisors-- also have legal responsibilities under the federal securities laws. Our canadian underwriter services insurance underwriting services include: It is a violation of these antifraud provisions for any person--including municipal issuers and underwriters--to make false or misleading statements of material fact or omit any material fact causing such statements to be misleading.

The issuer may ask to review the qualifications of a firm proposed by the underwriter and provide feedback on the selection including retaining the ability to exercise a veto due to concerns relating to cost, qualifications, or conflicts of interest.

Firms should be evaluated based on: GFOA believes inclusion of an underwriter disclaimer creates more concerns about obligations under the securities laws than it resolves, and could consequently increase the risk of confusing investors.

GFOA recommends that issuers not include underwriter disclaimer language in official statements. To learn more about how Insurance Administrative Services IAS can customize an insurance underwriting package to fit your needs, call us today at or contact our third party administrative experts online.

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It is not to be interpreted as GFOA sanctioning the underlying activity that gives rise to the exposure. Insurance Agent Verification — We combine automated error checking and agent license date processes to ensure that every application receives an extensive review.According to Canadian Underwriter, between 1 and 20% of claims were treated in the PAF.

the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), stated after the reforms were implemented that 55% of all minor injuries would have to fit within the new Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) introduced in the reforms for insurers to make a profit.

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What services does PNC Bank Canada Branch offer that will expedite the collection of. Canadian Award for Financial Reporting Program Home / Products and Services / Resources / Best Practices/Advisories / Underwriter Disclaimers in Official Statements The inclusion of underwriter disclaimer language is referenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in footnote of its Interpretive Release on.

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