Black and white films and correct answer

First off, a Little About the Methodology and Some Disclaimers There is no way I could possibly create a comparison of film stocks and account for every single factor that could possibly influence how a film will turn out.

I also focused on speed films, as they are more useful in general situations. That film used black-and-white reversal film, just about the cheapest film stock available and used by students for that reason; unlike regular black-and-white film, it has a very narrow range of exposure.

I use this scanner regularly for my work, and it does just fine. As Aronofsky himself says about his cinematographer Matty Libatique: Matty was a master of exposure.

Matty was brave enough to take on Reversal film, which many of us shot in film school, and its black and white Reversal, extremely hard film stock to expose. Dive in, pick up a stock or two, and go to town. Scanning also plays a factor. Goodnight, and Good Luck was shot in black and white so that period s footage such as of Joseph McCarthy could be used in the film without it appearing jarring.

Write down notes if that helps. We shot most of it on an Aaton. Remember that our collective memory of ish is black-and-white, mostly through historical photographs and films from that era, so in some ways black-and-white or moderately to extremely desaturated feels more "authentic" to the period—for example, see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Finally a film may be shot in black-and-white or 16mm or a specific film stock to more closely match existing stock footage that the filmmakers want to integrate into the film: Until shooting digitally became a viable option, shooting black-and-white cost roughly a quarter what shooting in color cost, for the film stock itself and the processing.

Some like X and Y together. Likewise with La Dolce Vita and Casablanca. HP5 is one of my favorite films.

Mamiya RB67 on a sturdy tripod with a large softlighter above. Go with what you like. What film should I shoot with? If you want a clean, crisp look that favors a digital image, this is your stock. This could be seen as a liability, but if you scan your film, this gives you tremendous flexibility with your shadows.

We were inspired by "Sin City" by Frank Miller -- he just does white scratches into black ink.

You are the one taking the photo and your own aesthetic will guide you in deciding how to proceed. The Candidates When I picked which films to compare, I wanted to use ones that are popular and readily available. We wanted it to be black or white. Remember that this is not digital. You get the idea.

There is a particular shot from Schindlers list which has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. Making some sort of statement.

Some like X developer and some like Y developer. Without further ado, here are your candidates: Some like German Shepherds, some like poodles. The most important thing is to have some fun!

I may pick up a roll or two of this for experimentation in portraits. Some like lots of agitation, some like a little. It is head and shoulders sharper than its black and white cousins with much less grain. Meat Trademark 6, Yeah I love black and white too. Both have similar grain structure and latitude, but I find that HP5 is a bit less grainy and the shadows are not quite as deep as Tri-X.Jul 21,  · How to Choose a Film for Your Camera The film you choose for your camera matters far, far more than your choice of camera and lens.

There are three kinds of films you are likely to encounter: colour negatives, E-6 slide films, and traditional black and white K. Why are some films still shot in black and white or sepia?

I can understand if it's perhaps a "period piece" like The Artist or The Good German, or if, like in Sin City, it's done to perhaps stay t. TERM Fall '15 TAGS English-language films, Correct Answer, Black-and-white films, Presentation program Click to edit the document details Which of the following establishes the tone and the Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater EN - Fall Which of the following establishes the 91%(82).

Movies and Film: The Aesthetics of Black and White and Color The Aesthetics of Black and White and Color. Movies and Film. Film: Aesthetics of Black and White and Color Film Some films are shot in black and white as a kind of homage to earlier cinema genres.

Steve Martin's Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid () pays tribute to film noir. TERM Spring '17 ; PROFESSOR Professor Travis Smith ; TAGS English-language films, Correct Answer, Black-and-white films ; Click to edit the document details.

What Black and White Film Should You Start Out With? Five Popular Stocks Compared

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Black and white films and correct answer
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