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With banks 1920s honors homework and businesses closing, more than 15 million Americans one-quarter of the workforce became unemployed. Discrimination continued in the South, however, as a result a large number of black voters switched from the Republican to the Democrat party during the Depression.

During the first days of his administration, Roosevelt laid the groundwork for his New Deal remedies that would rescue the country from the depths of despair. Based on a clash of ideas and values, conflicts develop between old societal norms and new outspokenness of disenfranchised groups e. The New Deal programs created a liberal political alliance of labor unions, blacks and other minorities, some farmers and others receiving government relief, and intellectuals.

The hardship brought on by the Depression affected Americans deeply. The average American was busy buying automobiles and household appliances, and speculating in the stock market, where big money could be made.

The Great Depression and the New Deal changed forever the relationship between Americans and their government.

A strong believer in rugged individualism, Hoover did not think the federal government should offer relief to the poverty-stricken population. On Black Tuesday, October 29,the stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression, the worst economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world.

It spread from the United States to the rest of the world, lasting from the end of until the early s. He took quick action to attack the Depression, declaring a four-day bank holiday, during which Congress passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act to stabilize the banking system.

Government involvement and responsibility in caring for the needy and regulating the economy came to be expected.

Since the prevailing attitude of the s was that success was earned, it followed that failure was deserved. The unemployment brought on by the Depression caused self-blame and self-doubt. Since men were expected to provide for their families, it was humiliating to have to ask for assistance.

How did music, art, literature, and sports reflect powerful ideological changes during the s and s? Investors flocked to a rising stock market. As a result of living through the Depression, some people developed habits of careful saving and frugality, others determined to create a comfortable life for themselves.

The imbalance between the rich and the poor, with 0. Children took on more responsibilities, sometimes finding work when their parents could not. Individual and group identities coalesce and change during a short period of time.

Those appliances were bought on credit, however. Blamed by many for the Great Depression, Hoover was widely ridiculed: Herbert Hoover, Franklin D.

A variety of players and governmental systems influence economic prosperity or collapse. Traditionally female fields of teaching and social services grew under New Deal programs. Exuberant Americans kicked up their heels to jazz music, tried crazy stunts, and supported a black market in liquor after Prohibition.

Social beliefs relating to race affect access to government protections, relief, and opportunities. African Americans suffered more than whites, since their jobs were often taken away from them and given to whites. Men were harder hit psychologically than women were. Companies launched brand-new, cutting-edge products, like radios and washing machines.

Plan, perform, and record a silent film that demonstrates the wealth disparity that is becoming apparent during this time period.

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Students will understand that. Although some argued that women should not be given jobs when many men were unemployed, the percentage of women working increased slightly during the Depression. In50 percent of blacks were unemployed.

Should governments intervene or stay the course and maintain a laissez-faire attitude in times of economic crises?

Many Americans spent the s in a great mood.Tel: Fax: Email: [email protected]. s Honors Homework. Topics: Warren G. Harding, tothe United States outlawed alcohol, leading to the only time an amendment was repealed (Prohibition About).

To manufacture, sell, or transport alcohol was deemed illegal. Following the American Revolution, drinking alcohol became a popular activity among the citizens.

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1920s honors homework
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